Richard Ingham


Websites 101 – Do you need an App?

Sep 4, 2020 | Apps

Most business owners would say ‘No’ to that question. They don’t NEED an App, but they may WANT one. If that’s you then read on and when you really understand what an App can do to enhance your marketing, maybe you’ll change your mind about whether you do actually NEED an App!

Most people see Apps as free downloads that clutter up your phone homescreen, some of these just make life so much easier:

Most people see Apps as free downloads that clutter up your phone homescreen, some of these just make life so much easier:

  • Using social media via the Apps is so much easier than using the web-based version
  • Paying your share of the bill is simple with your banking App
  • Planning journeys is seamless when the timetables and real-time information on trains and buses is on your phone (and even my boarding cards for longer journeys – when we’re flying again – are on an App)
  • Getting parked is easier when you can simply log into your App instead of digging around the car for the right change
  • Keeping fit and healthy can all be tracked on various Apps.

Are any of these essential?  No, but then you could say that neither is having a smartphone – but try and suggest that we stop using them and you’ll have a fight on your hands!

What does an App do for your business?

Apps can do all kinds of things from deliver information to allowing 2-way communication.  From the user’s end they make life less hassle – but what about the business owner.

Apps cost money to develop, what does your investment do for you.

  • If you’re an early adopter it puts you ahead of your competitors.If your customers have your app on their phone, but not your competitor’s, you’ll be top of mind – think Uber, Deliveroo, etc.  Your audience have you right there in their pocket or bag – if the choice is to open the App or log onto a website, the App is much easier
  • You can communicate with messages (push notifications) directly to everyone who has the App.If you want to tell people about a limited offer – for instance, if your pub or restaurant is having a quiet night, you could do an instant message to everyone with your App with a special offer to bring in people – NOW.  If you want to clear stock to make space a special deal for your App users can be a great way to do it – everyone wins, you make more sales, they get a good deal and keep coming back.
  • Your App keeps people loyal and committed, if you have a membership or group of followers, they can get information via the App others don’t get, whether this is special deals, information about breaking news, inside gossip – depending on your group.

An App can do virtually anything you want it to do.  Are you thinking ‘maybe we do NEED an App’ now?