A recent WordFence report indicates that an enormous 1.4 BILLION WP username and passwords have been leaked. As a result there has been a massive increase in brute force attacks against all WordPress websites.

Please be aware this potentially affects any WordPress install at all hosting providers.

This is the highest volume WP attack in history and it is vital that best security practices are enforced to keep your data safe and secure on the servers you are using.

Below is a quick checklist to keep your website safe and secure.

Quick Checklist:
1. Install WordFence on your WordPress site
2. Change your administrator password now.
3. Delete any administrator/editor accounts that are unused.
4. Use WordFence to monitor your incoming wp-login.php traffic with e-mail alerts.
5. Do not reuse a password on multiple services!
6. Install WPS Hide Login Plugin and change the default login url to one of your own

While hacks and leaks like this can be concerning, by following our quick checklist you will significantly reduce any potential threat to your website.

If you would like to discuss any of the contents of this email please do not hesitate to contact Navigation Web:
Tel: 01376 402 007
Mob: 07903 413 252
Email: info@navigationweb.co.uk

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