The Right Domain Name

The right domain name – putting it bluntly – can make or break your business.


Well, think about your own name. Over the years, literally hundreds of people will have heard it, and connected it with who you are, what you do, and what you look like. It’s how people find you.

So what would happen if you suddenly changed it?

Think about it. Even people who know you well could probably be confused. Others – people who didn’t know you so well – would probably be baffled. And people who were just nodding acquaintances would probably think you’d emigrated.

So yes, names are important. Domain names doubly so – and here’s why…

A domain name gets your business noticed

The right domain name says something about your business. That’s why good, memorable domain names to do with financial advice, stationery and fashion (to pick just three at random) are very hard to find. There’s a lot of competition out there, and most of the good ones have gone.

It’s a known and recognised problem. Which is why (first of all) domain names got longer. And (later) why we’ve started to see many different kinds of domain. As well as the and .com we were all so familiar with, you now have the option of .biz, .co, and even place name endings like .london. And the choice continues to grow.

So which do you choose? Which will work best for your business? And how can you be sure of getting it before someone else grabs it?

That’s where you may need a little help.

There are dozens of sites out there which will sell you a domain name. But if you’re not sure what you should be looking for – or how much you ought to pay – that may not be much help. And your new domain name may also come with strings attached. Perhaps you have to buy web space. Or accept a longer-term licence than you need.

And there’s a risk. Because in our experience most of these sites seem to be monitored by scammers. People who check to see what domains are being requested there. Then buy them up while you’re still deciding which one to have.

Meaning they can sell them back to you. At a highly inflated price.

Seriously, this kind of work is best left to people who do it all the time – and will give you the right domain name for your business, at the right price, for the length of time you actually want and need it.

A domain name gives you credibility

Do you get a regular stream of emails from ‘businesses’ with Gmail or Hotmail addresses? We certainly get them here!

Ironically, many of them claim they can get you to page one of Google. Just think about that…
These people aren’t using a domain name themselves. Meaning their own website (if they even have one) won’t appear on a web search. And if they’re using a free email address, it can (and probably will) disappear. As soon as they’ve got your money, perhaps?

If your email address comes from a domain name, you’ve got rather more credibility. For one thing, it means that someone can instantly check your website. And see for themselves whether or not you look like a legitimate business.

For another, it means that if you have to change your internet service provider, you won’t have to change your email address at the same time. (Some people seem to change their email address every month!)

And of course, with domain name emails you’re not limited to just one address. You can have as many as you need. So you could have one for sales, one for enquiries, one for accounts, and then one each for you and your team.

The point is that you’re in control. You make the decisions. And you can do what’s right for your business.

A domain name is essential – even if you’re building your own site

With the rise of free, open-source web-building tools like WordPress it’s easier than ever to build your own website. You don’t even need a domain name.

The snag is that if you don’t have one, you’ll look exactly like the people who are just doing it for fun. Which is fine. Unless you actually want to run a business, of course.

And you don’t really want to put many, many hours of work into something that no one will take seriously. And that includes the search engines, of course.

Confused? Please don’t be. Give us a call on 01376 402 007 or drop us an email and we’ll be happy to advise. No fee, no obligation.

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