Domain Names

How domain names work
Every website on the internet has a domain name – it’s the ‘address’ that browsers use to find a site and display its content. This site, for instance, is at

The ‘www’ stands for ‘World Wide Web’. The core domain name is ‘navigationweb’. Obviously that’s the name of our company, but you’ll notice it includes the word ‘web’. That helps us to be found when people search for ‘web designers’ online. Which is an important consideration when you’re choosing a name, of course.

The last section ‘’ is the ‘domain extension’, which can vary from one site to another. We chose it because our business is solely within the UK. A company trading internationally might choose ‘.com’ instead – or as well. There’s nothing to stop you having more than one domain name, and if you buy a selection of different domain extensions it can help protect the core name you’ve chosen.

There are many possibilities – so many, in fact, that it’s worth taking advice before choosing one. (For example, how would you choose between .biz, .buzz, .london, .org, .mobi, and .uk?)

Choosing the domain name that’s right for you
The choice of possible domain names may seem huge. In reality many of the best have already been taken. Worse yet, some potentially useful names have been bought by net entrepreneurs, on spec. You can still buy them – but only at a price. And they won’t be cheap.

At Navigation Web we’ll work with you to find – and secure – the right domain name for your specific needs.

The one that will help you get found. With the right domain extension. At the right price.

And we’ll also make sure you don’t lose it – unless and until you no longer need it.

Domain names can make or break your business.

Order your domain by clicking on this link or if you’d like to know more, give us a call on 01376 402 007 or drop us an email and we’ll be happy to advise. No fee, no obligation.


We are a professional website design company that will provide you with the web design services you need at an affordable price as we target small to medium business owners.

We provide a one stop service as you can register your domain name with us and we can setup hosting and then build your website in one place, not all website companies can do this.



Feel free to contact us with whatever method suits you and we will contact you within the hour.

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