Richard Ingham


Amazon Continues to Accept Visa Cards

Jan 17, 2022 | Online Payments

Amazon has announced that they will continue to accept Visa credit cards in UK as it bids to put an end to the payment dispute.

The dispute that the online retailer has previously stated that Visa’s fees for processing credit card transactions were too high, is working with visa to find a potential solution.

At Navigation Web we provide online payment solutions for our clients that lets their customers use the major debit and credit cards to ensure that transactions can happen and take place. We do this by integrating Paypal, Stripe and other online merchants into the website that are linked to the companies business account. All payments that are made through our clients websites are safe and secure as we provide a secure platform. The customer will get conformation that they have made the payment and so will the company providing the payment facility.

Also we let our clients not only sell their products to their customers but also our b2b clients can let their clients pay for their services by having a custom amount that they can add in the amount from the invoice that has been sent to them. The benefit is that they get paid quicker by giving their customers more options.

Any of our clients that have problems with getting paid we recommended Credit Control Management Services that have helped Navigation Web with getting outstanding invoices paid.

We do setup invoicing solutions for our clients so that they can be efficient with regards to sending out invoices and we do recommend using apps such as Xero and Quickbooks as they can provide businesses with detailed financial information of who the business is doing.

If you are interested in having any payment facilities adding to your website then please get in contact by using any of the following:

Phone: 01376 402 007